v People Per Hour complete guide for beginners – 2024|incomethinker People Per Hour complete guide for beginners – 2024|incomethinker - Income Thinker

People Per Hour complete guide for beginners – 2024|incomethinker

A Comprehensive Guide to PeoplePerHour for Beginners in 2024

People Per Hour complete guide for beginners – 2024|incomethinker
People Per Hour


Unlocking Opportunities in the Virtual Workspace


In the current scenario where most individuals are working from home the quest for online job platforms is more prevalent than ever.

If you're a freelancer seeking the right platform to kickstart your online journey look no further than PeoplePerHour. This complete guide delves into the intricacies of PeoplePerHour offering insights tips and tricks to maximize your success in the freelancing world.


 What is PeoplePerHour?

PeoplePerHour serves as a dynamic freelancing marketplace connecting independent businesses (Buyers) with a vast pool of skilled freelancers (Freelancers). 

People Per Hour complete guide for beginners – 2024|incomethinker
People Per Hour

From copywriting to web development the platform caters to diverse service needs globally.


 Meet the Mind Behind PeoplePerHour: Xenios Thrasyvoulou

Xenios Thrasyvoulou the Founder and CEO of PeoplePerHour leads the charge in reshaping the ondemand economy transforming the work market and fostering entrepreneurship on a global scale.


 Getting Started: Your Path to Earning on PeoplePerHour

Earning on PeoplePerHour is streamlined and userfriendly. The platform offers various features including live customer support making it stand out from other freelancing websites. Whether you prefer hourly rates or single payments PeoplePerHour provides flexibility for freelancers.


1. SignUp: Create a Seller account effortlessly by using your email or Facebook account.

2. Building Your Profile: Impress Buyers with a comprehensive profile including a captivating bio desired categories previous projects and your average selling price. The platform's ranking algorithm boosts your profile as you complete more projects.

3. Post an Offer:Similar to gigs on other platforms create an eyecatching offer detailing your skills project duration category keywords and visuals to showcase your expertise.

4. Propose Directly:Send direct proposals to Buyers for posted jobs keeping in mind the monthly limit of 15 proposals. Choose wisely to increase your chances of acceptance.


 Navigating the Proposal Process on PeoplePerHour

People Per Hour complete guide for beginners – 2024|incomethinker
People Per Hour

Before sending proposals ensure you follow these steps for optimal results:

 1. Enter Proposal Details: Provide comprehensive details about your offering emphasizing your experience and reliability. Attach your portfolio link if available.

2. Attachment: Attach sample projects from your portfolio to enhance the effectiveness of your proposal.

3. Enter Description: Create a clear and concise description related to the project to help Buyers understand your expertise.

4. Amount and Total: Specify the price for the project keeping it within the Buyer's expectations. Understand the total amount and commission deducted by the platform.

5. You'll Earn: This section reflects the automatically generated amount you'll earn after the platform's commission.

6. Deposit: Set a deposit amount for Buyers to escrow enhancing trust and commitment to the project.

7. Ask a Question: Leverage this feature to seek clarification or additional details from Buyers before finalizing the offer.


 Understanding PeoplePerHour's Charges and Safety Measures

PeoplePerHour charges a Service Fee of 5% (excluding VAT) on earnings beyond the initial threshold for Sellers registered after March 21 2017. The platform prioritizes safety offering tools and measures to ensure a secure marketplace for both Buyers and Sellers.


 Payment Methods and Withdrawal Process

People Per Hour complete guide for beginners – 2024|incomethinker
People Per Hour

Sellers on PeoplePerHour can withdraw their earnings through Paypal or a Bank Account. The platform takes one working day to process payments providing a seamless withdrawal experience for freelancers.


 Pros and Cons: Navigating the Freelancing Landscape


 Extensive network of businesses and potential clients.

 High volume of work opportunities both locally and globally.

 Freelancers can set their own rates providing flexibility.

 Escrow system enhances security in transactions.

 Automated invoicing and live chat support for customer assistance.

 Flexibility in choosing work hours.



 Intense competition among freelancers.

 Job security is not guaranteed leading to variable work availability.

 Limited flexibility on pricing for specific tasks.

 Benefits are not provided to freelancers.


 Final Verdict

PeoplePerHour offers a platform to tap into a highpotential client base for your freelance business. This guide provides essential insights for beginners supplemented by practical tips derived from firsthand experience.

Embrace the diverse opportunities on PeoplePerHour and navigate your freelancing journey with confidence. Should you encounter any challenges rest assured that this guide will be regularly updated for your convenience. Happy freelancing! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  A Comprehensive Guide to PeoplePerHour


1. Q: What sets PeoplePerHour apart from other freelancing platforms?

    A: PeoplePerHour distinguishes itself through a dynamic marketplace connecting businesses with freelancers globally. The platform offers a vast array of services, providing flexibility and opportunities for both Buyers and Sellers.


2. Q: How does the registration process work on PeoplePerHour?

    A: Registering on PeoplePerHour is a seamless process. You can create a Seller account using your email or Facebook. Once registered, you gain access to a platform that supports freelancers in showcasing their skills to potential Buyers.


3. Q: What is the role of a Seller on PeoplePerHour?

    A: Sellers are freelancers who offer their services on PeoplePerHour. They create profiles, post offers, and engage with potential Buyers. The platform's ranking algorithm rewards Sellers based on completed projects, enhancing visibility.


4. Q: How can Sellers maximize their profile visibility?

    A: To enhance profile visibility, Sellers should complete their profiles with a bio, desired categories, previous projects, and average selling price. The ranking algorithm considers these factors, improving the chances of attracting Buyers.


5. Q: Can Sellers send direct proposals to Buyers?

    A: Yes, Sellers can send direct proposals to Buyers for posted jobs on PeoplePerHour. However, there is a monthly limit of 15 proposals. Strategic proposal crafting and careful selection of jobs can increase the chances of success.


6. Q: What are the steps to create an effective offer on PeoplePerHour?

    A: Crafting an offer involves steps like adding a catchy title, specifying project duration, choosing the relevant category, adding keywords, showcasing skills through visuals, and providing a detailed explanation. Sellers can also include extra offers and prioritize delivery for added appeal.


7. Q: How does the proposal process work on PeoplePerHour?

    A: Sellers can send proposals by entering details, attaching sample work, providing a short description, setting the price, specifying the total, and adding a deposit. Asking a question before finalizing the offer is an additional feature to ensure clarity.


8. Q: What payment methods are available on PeoplePerHour?

    A: PeoplePerHour supports payments through Paypal or Bank Account. Sellers can withdraw their earnings by visiting the Payment area and using the Withdraw Funds link. The platform processes payments within one working day.


9. Q: What is the Service Fee structure on PeoplePerHour?

    A: PeoplePerHour charges a Service Fee of 5% (excluding VAT) on earnings exceeding the initial threshold for Sellers registered after March 21, 2017. This fee contributes to the maintenance and enhancement of the platform.


10. Q: Is PeoplePerHour a safe platform for freelancers?

     A: Yes, PeoplePerHour prioritizes safety and security. The platform employs various tools and measures to protect both Buyers and Sellers. It fosters a network built on trust, ensuring a secure environment for freelancers.


11. Q: Can Buyers and Sellers interact directly on PeoplePerHour?

     A: Yes, Buyers and Sellers can interact directly on PeoplePerHour. The platform encourages communication to ensure that both parties are aligned on project requirements, fostering successful collaborations.


12. Q: What are the advantages of using PeoplePerHour for freelancers?

     A: PeoplePerHour offers freelancers a vast network of potential clients, high work volume, the flexibility to set their rates, and an escrow system for secure transactions. The platform also provides automated invoicing and live chat support for customer assistance.


13. Q: Are there any disadvantages to using PeoplePerHour?

     A: Challenges include intense competition among freelancers, uncertain job security, limited flexibility in pricing for specific tasks, and the absence of benefits for freelancers. However, the advantages often outweigh these challenges for many users.


14. Q: How often is the guide for PeoplePerHour updated?

     A: The PeoplePerHour guide is regularly updated to ensure that freelancers have access to the latest information and tips for navigating the platform successfully. Updates may include new features, strategies, and insights for freelancers.


15. Q: Can freelancers on PeoplePerHour choose their own work hours?

     A: Yes, freelancers on PeoplePerHour have the flexibility to choose their own work hours. This feature allows freelancers to maintain a worklife balance that suits their individual preferences and circumstances.


16. Q: How does PeoplePerHour handle disputes between Buyers and Sellers?

   A: PeoplePerHour provides a resolution system for disputes between Buyers and Sellers. The platform encourages open communication, and in case of conflicts, both parties can utilize the dispute resolution process to find a fair resolution.


17. Q: Are there any restrictions on the types of services that can be offered on PeoplePerHour?

   A: PeoplePerHour allows a diverse range of services, from copywriting to web development. However, certain services may be subject to legal or ethical restrictions. Sellers should review the platform's guidelines to ensure compliance with any restrictions.


18. Q: Can Sellers on PeoplePerHour collaborate with other freelancers on projects?

   A: Yes, Sellers can collaborate with other freelancers on PeoplePerHour. The platform supports teamwork, allowing freelancers to join forces and combine their skills to deliver comprehensive solutions for Buyers.


19. Q: How can Sellers stand out in a competitive environment on PeoplePerHour?

   A: To stand out, Sellers should focus on building a robust profile, showcasing a diverse portfolio, offering competitive pricing, and providing exceptional customer service. Active engagement, positive reviews, and timely delivery also contribute to standing out in a competitive marketplace.


20. Q: Does PeoplePerHour offer any training resources for freelancers to enhance their skills?

   A: PeoplePerHour provides resources, including articles, tutorials, and webinars, to help freelancers enhance their skills and stay updated on industry trends. The platform's commitment to continuous learning empowers freelancers to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of online work.

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